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Paul Allen and Bill Gates on April 4, 1975 founded an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, named after Microsoft Corporation. Most commonly referred to as MS or just Microsoft. This company mainly specialised into developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting and selling computer softwares, consumer electronics and personal computers and all services like Microsoft Support, obviously related to IT. Microsoft Support Australia provides all kind of technical, informative and knowledge support for the products and services provided by Microsoft. Our quality Microsoft Help Australia service is designed to give you comfort and peace of mind without spending out of the pocket money. You will get the best and immediate Microsoft technical support from the company with highly qualified and well experienced technical staff at your services. You can easily contact the company via contact number, emails, websites, live chats and many more ways. You can even contact Via Microsoft support number +61(2)80747873

Microsoft Support Number : +61(2)80747873. Contact us instantly!


Whenever a person is having system at their home or office and faces any problem related to that, then they definitely look for the Microsoft technical support. The problem can happen any time and technical support is required that time. So here we are talking about the technical support which is required by the users of Office 365 or Outlook users, Skype users, Windows user or Xbox user. Support can be of any type, it can be technical support, information support, knowledge support. The support by the company is available 24*7 for their clients. It is totally a free support by the experts with their products. All the staff members are well qualified and updated with all type of technical knowledge which is required to solve the queries of the clients. They will even update you with all the new updation which is entering in the global world. They will totally satisfy you with the services which they are providing for solving your problems.

Office 365 support

If you are unable to manage this Microsoft office 365 and getting so many problems like handling, technical problem, knowledge or any other problems then you can be in touch with the Microsoft technical support staff of the company. You can get all type of personalized support and answers from the company’s support professionals. You can easily get the support from different options like phone calls, chat or through email assistance. One more option is that you can easily go to the company’s office support page and contact them through that. They will assist you with all types of problems. You may face the problems like resetting admin password, user’s password, trouble shooting problems and many other problems. You can contact them anytime and from anywhere without any hesitation.

Outlook Support

Outlook is used by so many people all over the world. Using this outlook gives lot of opportunity to the people for accessing so many types of email accounts from the same place or we can say from one place. If you are using this Microsoft email account then it definitely ends at,,, or Then you just have to follow few steps to add your account to outlook. This is one of best way of checking your mails. You can even have this outlook on your smart phones, tabs, and on many more devices. in this you can even have some problems like fix emails delivery issues, trouble in signing to the outlook account, troubleshooting outlook for IOS and androids, boot related issues and many more problems. But you need not to worry; you can easily get out of all problems with the help of Microsoft tech support team. You can easily contact them and share your problem with them and can get the best resolution with in fewer times. All the staff of Microsoft technical support team is well experienced and well qualified in their field. They will give you the best results of your problem.

Skype Support

Skype is very popular these days for connecting to the people who is far from you. You can talk to them; you can even enjoy the live talk with them by seeing them. It is very popular in homes as well in the offices. This is just a lovely experience for the users for the home purposes or for business purposes. It has made a business very interesting through one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing. It is such an amazing experience for the users. You can even plan big meetings with the help of Skype and get the resolutions. You may face some problems like trouble shooting, call and video problems, problem with connection, signing problem, Skype fails and some other problems. When this type of problem comes, then you can easily contact to Microsoft Technical support team, they will solve all your queries and problems. You can contact them anytime on their toll free number.

Windows Support

Windows has several families in it like Windows NT, windows embedded and windows phones. Windows has so many devices and it is getting better day by day with the new innovations and improvements. Windows are best for the users for the gaming purposes, building best applications for tablets, PC, phones and for Xbox one. Windows runs office very smoothly and in best way. For windows you can get all type of support from the technical staff of window support system. Like you can take the help of them in upgrading windows, installing, create installation media for windows, windows product key, fix windows update errors and many other problem which a user might face while using this. You can even get some technical knowledge for the window support team like you can ask them about genius windows and about 32 bit and 64 bit windows. You can clear all your doubts regarding the windows.

Xbox Support

Are you looking for Xbox Support, and then you can easily contact the company on given phone number or contact us on the given website. You can get all type of support regarding this Xbox, you can ask about this to the technical support staff regarding how to sign into this Xbox app, about family safety, about code of conduct, about live accounts, about control mature content and many more. You can even confirm with them regarding the system requirements like device compatibility, Windows 8 games on Windows 10, Windows 10 installation questions, PC requirements for Game DVR, Drivers and software updates. You can discuss each and every detail with the staff. The staff is well experienced in their field. They will provide you all the technical information and technical knowledge related to device which you want from them.

The staff is well qualified and well experienced in their field of supporting their clients or serving their clients with proper details and information. You will the best Microsoft tech support from them and it is available for you 24*7. You are free to contact them and ask your query. They will provide you immediate results and information which you are looking for your problem. 

Microsoft Customer Support Phone Number Australia: +61(2)80747873