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If you are an avid gaming fan then the new Xbox One manufactured by Microsoft Corporation must be on your list of "must have" gaming consoles this summer. The Xbox series of gaming consoles has gripped the world of gamers by hook with Microsoft rolling out new game titles every year for hardcore gamers. Microsoft has inculcated many features into the new Xbox One to make it an all-rounder for gaming and multimedia devotees. Microsoft Xbox Support services provides technical support regarding Microsoft Xbox.

What is so special with Xbox One that should make it on the top of my gaming console list?

Along with providing the top level games and entertainment, the new Microsoft Xbox One also provides the following features to users:

  • Voice Commands

    When using the "Create Contact" action, you can now get more details about every contact in your list including more email addresses.

  • Personalized Home Screen

    Kinect that comes with the upgraded Xbox One recognizes the user and immediately logs into the personalized home screen. Users can easily arrange their favorite television shows, movies, albums, games on the home screen. The biometric sign-in and personalization can be used by everyone in the house so that everyone has their own personalized home screen.

  • Share your gaming moments

    Killed the main boss in Resident evil series with just six bullets? Just finished with defeating Devil Jin with a single kick in Tekken 7? Now, effortlessly record all your favorite gaming moments with the digital video recorder (DVR) that can capture up to 5 minutes of gameplay at a time. If you have just finished killing the main boss and want to keep that moment as a memory, simply say "Xbox record that" and the console will take care of the rest.

  • Do two things at once

    The new Xbox One lets gamers connect two screens together side to side so users can play a game and listen to their favorite music tracks at the same time. Gamers can also snap Machinima application and access walkthroughs, reviews and game help videos.

  • Skype

    Xbox let’s gamers connect to their friends effortlessly with Skype and use video calling to chat with 4 people on their television set. The Kinect camera providing pan and zoom also follows the caller. You can enjoy full-HD 1080p video calling with friends and loved ones while surfing the web at the same time.

  • Personal TV guide

    Xbox One comes with a television listing guide that can be navigated with a simple voice command "Xbox, what’s on (Channel Name)"" and the list of available shows will be displayed. You can easily create a list of personal favorites in One Guide and find the entertainment you want.

  • Find opponents

    The Smart Match feature on Xbox One uses advanced algorithms to look for players based on their skill, language, and age and game play style. This means that the players will face a tough challenge while playing and will have new players to face in a game.Click Here to More Information about Game and Console.

    Why call us for Xbox Support service?

    Apart from providing state-of-the-art features for multimedia and gaming lovers, Microsoft has another efficient customer care service known as the Microsoft Xbox Support. This service is available round-the-clock to tackle any issue interfering with the functioning of your Xbox One console.

What makes Microsoft Xbox Support the first choice for complete Xbox technical support?

The new Microsoft Xbox One is an electronic equipment and like every electronic, it has its bad days. New users might find it a bit confusing while learning the plethora of functions that Xbox One provides to them. Sometimes, an unknown error might interfere with their gaming session leaving gamers helpless.

The highly trained Microsoft Xbox Support provides excellent technical support for the following issues;

  1. Guidance for creating a Mixer account.
  2. Technical assistance for updating the firmware on Xbox One console.
  3. Supervision in setting up your new Xbox One console.
  4. Guidance for Shifting from Xbox to Xbox One.
  5. Assistance for setting up Xbox Live on windows system.
  6. Help managing Xbox One account including removal of Microsoft account and changing the sign-in preference.
  7. Every other technical issue interfering with the functioning of your Xbox One console.

The vast knowledge of our technical taskforce at the Microsoft Xbox Support helps in resolving any technical issue affecting Xbox One console. We follow a single policy with utmost dedication; complete customer satisfaction with workable solutions.

Looking for third party Microsoft Xbox Support?

Want to know more on how we deliver the best solutions for every technical issues affecting your Xbox One console? We give you three reasons why we are the best at what we do;

  • Quality solutions

    We do not believe in providing short-term solutions to our customers and disconnecting the call in minimal time. Every technical expert at the Microsoft Xbox Support offers the best solutions for any issue interfering with the working of the Xbox console. When you call our experts, you will stay connected with our support till your query has been resolved.

  • Round-the-clock availability

    Our experts are available round-the-clock throughout the year. Whether it is freezing cold or hot summers, you can contact the Microsoft Xbox technical taskforce anytime.

  • Experience counts

    Whenever you call one of our customer care unit, you can stay relaxed that your call will be answered by a technical veteran of the Microsoft Xbox Support technical taskforce anytime.

Microsoft Xbox Technical Support Phone Number

How can I connect with Microsoft Xbox support experts?

You can reach out to our technical experts at Microsoft Xbox Support by calling at +61(2)8074 7873

+61 (2) 8074 7873

Microsoft Support Contact Phone Number Australia

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