Top 5 Microsoft Windows 10 Latest Updates

As part of the Microsoft Windows NT family, the company has released Windows 10 operating system. This version of windows offers what is known as universal apps that allows users to run apps through multiple Microsoft devices including tablet, smartphones, PC, Surface Hub and Xbox one. The first version of Windows 10 introduced a virtual desktop system, Microsoft Edge web browser, fingerprint, and face recognition system. The company also offers another branch of service, the highly efficient and trained taskforce known as Microsoft windows support.

Windows 10 provides users with a number of features including;

  1. User Interface and desktop
  2. A new iteration is used on the Start Menu in windows 10 desktop with a number of options on the left side and tiles representing applications on the right. The menu can be resized and expanded into a full-scale display, often a default option in a tablet pc. The operating system has been designed to adapt the user interface based on the type of device being used.

  3. System security
  4. Windows 10 uses a multi-factor authentication method developed by FIDO Alliance. This time windows includes support for biometric authentication through Windows Hello and Passport platforms. Also, devices having cameras allows users to login with face recognition and those with readers can use fingerprint recognition system. To know how Microsoft Windows 10 can provide security to your system, call the experts at Microsoft Windows support.

  5. Online security
  6. Microsoft Family Safety has been put in place of Microsoft Family. This parental control system helps to protect all Microsoft online services and windows platforms.

    Apart from offering other numerous features to users, the Microsoft Windows 10 has also been updated with more features. The top 5 Windows 10 Updates are listed below;

  7. Apart from offering other numerous features to users, the Microsoft Windows 10 has also been updated with more features. The top 5 Windows 10 Updates are listed below;
  8. In case you have purchased Windows 10 recently, then their windows assistant Cortana will appear to help you throughout the setup procedure. Cortana will utilize headphone and speakers to listen to the commands given by you.

  9. Night Light
  10. Microsoft has a version of Flux built-in the Windows 10 operating system. The system known as Dubbed Night makes it easier for users to check their devices at night. It reduces the blue light from the screen after a specific time.

  11. Paint 3D
  12. Microsoft team responsible for making Windows 10 has designed the recent Paint 3D. One of the best features of Windows 10 is the Paint 3D, which has been totally rebuilt. Now users can make 3D paintings in this with an easy to use interface with the stylus to create objects. Once an object has been created, then it can be easily shared with Remix 3D.

  13. Dynamic Lock
  14. Dynamic Lock is the complete opposite of Windows Hello and also known as Windows Goodbye. It allows users to lock the Windows 10 PC when one is not using it by pairing with a Bluetooth device.

  15. Picture-in-Picture
  16. One of the best applications offered by Microsoft which provides support to Universal Windows Apps is the Picture-in-Picture. This built-in application allows users to watch movies and television shows. One can keep watching while browsing for content on the web.

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