Top 5 Issues With Shared Calendars In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that comes as a part of the Microsoft Office software package. It offers many features including a calendar to keep track of appointments, contact manager, task manager, journal and web browsing capabilities. Microsoft Outlook is also available as a stand-alone application as well as with the Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint server for multiple users. The application also has multi-platform support for Android as well as iOS on tablets and smartphones.

The plethora of advantages offered by Microsoft Outlook comprises of faster email processing, social connectivity, contact management, email tracking, calendar customization, an inbox cleanup tool, navigation bar and offline working option.

However, despite all the awesome features even Microsoft Outlook has its dark days. Sometimes, an unknown error might creep up and make it extremely hard for users to send and receive mails. There is no need to worry as the experts from Microsoft support are here to help you with any issue that interferes with the working of Microsoft Outlook. The specialists have come up with a list of some technical glitches that might interfere with the working of Microsoft Outlook and how to take care of them.

Top 5 Issues affecting shared calendars in Microsoft Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook support experts have come up with five common issues users might face while using shared calendars in Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Have been granted permission to edit calendar but unable to do so
  2. In case you have been granted permission to edit the calendar, you won’t be able to make new changes immediately. This can be done approximately four hours after accepting the invitation to edit. Contact the Microsoft Outlook support experts to know more on editing the shared calendar.

  3. Calendar seems to sync only a few times during the day
  4. In case a person does not use Office 365 EOP filtering then instant synchronization will occur only a few times during the day. In case you are facing such an issue, contact the Microsoft support experts immediately.

  5. Getting an “HTTP 500” error when accepting a shared calendar
  6. This is a common issue that might occur when you accept the invitation for shared calendar. There is no need to worry, select Accept again and Microsoft Outlook will accept the invitation without an error. However, in case you still face the issue then contact Microsoft support experts.

  7. Unable to send calendar invitation from the account connected to account
  8. Your calendar will always be linked to the account and not the connected account. Consider sending the calendar invitation from the account linked to your calendar.

  9. Unable to edit and sync shared calendar after migration to another device
  10. In order to ensure that your calendar and email sync properly, reconnect account to the Microsoft Outlook for windows. However, if this does not helps then contact the technical specialists at the Microsoft Outlook support service.

In case you are facing any other issue, contact the experts at the Microsoft Outlook support Number Australia +61(2)80747873

+61 (2) 8074 7873

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