Top Five Features Of Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 is the latest addition to the Microsoft Corporation family of window operating systems. The operating system was announced at an event in 2014 and came out for PC’s in July 2015. Since then, it has been providing free upgrade for users with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as operating systems. The operating system has been designed to provide a “universal” experience on laptops, Personal Computers, tablet computers, smartphones and embedded systems. A number of features have been added solely on the basis of feedback received from the users who were testing it before the official release.

Depending upon the usage, Windows 10 comes in 4 packages namely home, professional, enterprise, education and mobile. Apart from providing users with the latest windows operating system, Microsoft also offers the best customer support services known as Microsoft customer care which is available round-the-clock to resolve any issue that might interfere with the normal functioning of Window 10.

What does the latest Windows 10 update offer to the users?

Along with an aesthetic appeal, Microsoft windows 10 offers the following features to users;

  1. Faster Browsing
  2. The newly enhanced Microsoft Edge browser makes it easier for users to browse websites, read online content, send and receive mails and organize tabs. Users can now stay secure and use Cortana or Windows Ink to bring to life the browsing history.

  3. Enhanced Personalization
  4. Express yourself with more colors and themes with ample of options to customize your Windows 10. The new windows 10 remembers the previous themes that the users were using and makes it easier to go back to the original theme anytime.

  5. Night light
  6. Now, when using your windows laptop or mobile device at night just keep your eyes safe with the new night light feature of Windows 10. Relax your eyes as the display emits warmer light and keeps your eyesight intact.

  7. Ink your Office
  8. Use your fingers or digital pen to edit documents and make changes. Easily circle the text and highlight the necessary text. This feature is available in iOS, Android, mobile and PC version of Windows.

  9. Complete protection
  10. Stay protected with the Windows Defender Antivirus which now comes with a built-in threat and virus protection and options for complete online safety.

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